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We would like all our clients to retire financially secure.

Retirement planning is a two-step process, namely:

  1. saving for retirement during your working years and
  2. converting your retirement money into a post-retirement income when you retire.


There are many ways to save for retirement. You may be saving through your employer’s pension or provident fund, but there are also advantages to saving with a retirement annuity. Some of the considerations that inform our advice are your retirement goals, what you can afford to invest and how long you have until retirement age. We’ll also advise you on how saving for retirement could help save you tax.

After analyzing your retirement goals, we recommend an investment strategy that can deliver the required real rate of return over time. This strategy aims to grow sufficient capital to last throughout retirement. Our retirement planning model illustrates the range of expected outcomes for your future capital, based on the strategy you adopt.


On reaching retirement, we suggest how to invest to achieve income. There are various options – from living annuities to guaranteed life annuities and various ways to provide income for your beneficiaries after death.

One of our investment considerations is to separate income requirements from growth. By providing for your income through income-producing assets that increase with inflation, we believe you will be able to retire comfortably despite market fluctuations or volatility.

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