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Good risk management entails managing the risks you can afford and insuring against those you cannot, such as disability or death.

These events interrupt the income you and/or your dependents require, and the capital you accumulate for retirement. For this reason, it’s vital to insure against them.

Life cover can:

  • cover your liabilities and meet any claims that may arise against your estate, including estate duty and
  • provide sufficient capital for your dependents to maintain their standard of living
  • provide you with income if you not be able to do so due to ill health or disability.

We suggest various affordable options and advise you on:

  • How much life cover you need
  • How and when your policy pays out
  • Options to have cash readily available while your estate is being wound up.

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T: +27 (0)21 200 0407

T: +27 (0)31 940 0470

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